Fishing Decorating Options

Adding a Rustic and Warm Tone to your Home with Fishing Decor

Fishing decorating ideas for the home or cabin

Shown here is a canoe paddle, fishing net and other fishing decorations to make your home or cottage have a cozy feeling. Photo by: Ira Mency on Flickr. Licensed under CC 2.0

Catch of the Day

Our homes are a reflection of our personalities. Everything we choose about our home, from the style of home itself and materials in which it is built (stone, brick, adobe, and log cabin style) are pieces of us and our personal style. Ideally, our homes should be our sanctuary, so decorating them should be a statement about us and what generates that warm “welcome home” feeling. If you’re a person who loves the outdoors and all that nature has to offer, or, if you’re an avid fisherman, then decorating it with accents of fishing décor can bring your home a happy, rustic look.

Getting Hooked

If fishing is your passion, there are many things and subtle touches that you can add to your home that will create a look of warmth and personal style without it feeling like you’ve just walked into a Bass Pro Shop. (not that there’s anything wrong with Bass Pro, but in some cases, “less is more.”) Particularly if your home is small in nature. There are many things you can do to bring the outdoors in without it being overkill. A boating oar or a net can be used decoratively for example. You can hang the oar over the front door, either on the outside or inside (depending on whether or not you have a porch or awning) to welcome visitors so it is the first thing they see when they enter your home. Or, if you have a fireplace, you can hang the netting and decoratively place the oar over it for a rustic, log cabin effect. Additionally, you can use smaller touches such as filling a decorative bowl with shells or river rocks. You can also accent coffee tables with photographs of you and family members on fishing excursions to add a touch of personal warmth.

Determine Your Space

A fishing net with an antique bucket

A stylish look with antiques. Shown here is a fishing net and antique bucket hanging above a couch. Photo by: Ira Mency CC by 2.0 Flickr

If you have a large, more spacious home, you can add things like fishing nets and theme a room around them. Intertwine hooks in the net, combined with fish. (these can be purchased at many gift shops or even in sporting goods stores) or, if you prefer the real thing and know a talented taxidermist, you can display your catch above a fireplace or on a wall. For that matter, hanging several of them with accompanying articles or decoratively framed photographs will add a rustic touch along with becoming a “centerpiece” or focal point for which you can sit and entertain for hours, sharing stories. You can add decorative fishing touches around your entire home, and/or create a “theme” room.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Another option is to go to sporting good shops, fishing stores, outdoors shops, etc. and check out how they decorate and take ideas from them. (remember, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery). Often times, especially in outdoors and sporting goods stores and even seafood restaurants, they change their décor from year to year or season to season. You can ask them what they do with the pieces they change out and offer to buy them. (decorative fish, netting, bobbles, etc.). Most often they will gladly accommodate you.

A Style that Reflects Who You Are

There are many ways to add warmth and style to your home with fishing décor to create simple, unique accents that will have your guests feeling warm and invited, which is the goal, in addition to you feeling like “this is home.” Whether you want to go “all out” and decorate every room in this style, or simply want to add accent pieces, or devote one room to this rustic look is completely up to you. At the end of the day, you want to come home to a place that has your pulse throughout, and if the fishing lifestyle is one you love and what really “hooks you” then go out and “find your catch!”

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