Cozy Fishing Décor Ideas

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Fishing cabin decor ideas

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If water and the outdoors are what bring warmth and happiness into your life and if being on the water and fishing “calms and soothes your soul” then bring the outdoors indoors by decorating your cottage or second home with fishing décor. Nothing says “welcome home” like accents and touches that are truly a reflection of your personal taste and style. And you don’t have to break the bank doing it. Decorating in an outdoorsy type style allows you to use many of nature’s elements to create a home that is warm and inviting.

Take a Nature Hike to Discover Hidden Natural Treasures

A good start would be to go out and look at places such as outdoor and sporting goods stores to get an eye for how things are placed,what they use, etc. Or, the internet is an excellent source to find creative ways to use things that you already have or are easy to find. For example, fishing nets, river rocks, and oars and bobbers are excellent accent pieces that you can place around your home to create a rustic, outdoorsy look and you need look no further than your backyard or tackle box. You can decoratively place hooks, bobbers, rocks, even shells (depending on whether you’re a lake or sea person) in a fishing net and hang it over your fireplace or display it on a wall.

A Picture Tells Many Stories

Fishing rod picture holder

A great idea to hold your fishing pictures! shown here is a recycled fishing rod holding up your family’s pictures. This is available on at

Add to that family photographs of fishing excursions with the children or grandchildren and you’ve created a very unique “memory wall”guaranteed to spark interest among guests when you entertain, or during family gatherings during the holidays. Telling tales of “catching the big one” or“remember that time we ran out of gas on the way to the lake, etc.” will trump board games, movies and charades every time, because “a picture really does tell a thousand words.”

Discover Treasures in Your Own Neighborhood

If you’re a yard sale hound, you could find paradise in the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” theme. Scour the neighborhood for old fishing gear: tackle boxes, clothing, anything fish related and for a very low dollar amount, your cottage or second home can be transformed into seaside bungalow or cozy cabin. Also, leaf through fishing magazines, cut out photos that you like and place them in rustic frames alongside photos of family. Decorative fish, ranging in size are always available at gift shops,or, if you have had your catches professionally dressed by a taxidermist,proudly display those on the walls throughout your cottage or second home. Take a hike outside and fill baskets with pine cones and acorns, or seashells and other sea creatures you find during an early morning seaside stroll. (just make sure to bleach them to get the sea smell out). You can also fill bowls and decorative jars with sand, river rocks, tiny shells, etc. and use as accent pieces. Even a pair of fishing boots sitting by the fireplace gives a feel of cozy charm. Drape a pair of fishing pants over a hat rack along with strategically positioning fishing rods in your foyer, purchase a welcome mat with a cute saying on it.

Create the Look You Want Without Breaking the Bank

All of these things will help create the charm and coziness of a rustic cabin and display your love of fishing without “going overboard” either via cost or making your place look too “overdone.” What you want are simple, subtle touches that create a look that is a true reflection of your taste and personality. When tastefully done, your second home or cottage will be a haven and place where guests and family members can come, kick up their heels and enjoy the stories of the lake or sea along with sitting down to dinner for “the catch of the day!”

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